Arbocare Tree Surgeons

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Arbocare ltd provide a comprehensive tree pruning service for any age or size of tree. The correct pruning of trees even when young can reduce the need for more extensive works in later years and help avoid other defects.

Arbocare also provides tree surveys and reports.  The owners of trees have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of their trees 'duty of care' and professional surveys by qualified and insured arborists help to ensure your trees are safe for you and the public.  This may be for individual or numerous trees, such as road side surveys.

If required we provide the use of the latest technology in decay detection, such as the use of resistograph, this is a gear-driven drilling instrument which inserts a three-millimeter diameter probe into the tree, and graphically or digitally records resistance to the probe which is used to detect decay and defects.


This is the correct way to reduce the overall size of tree. Reducing a tree will leave you with a balanced crown and healthy tree with the amount a tree can be reduced being dependent on the species. This work is often required when a tree has become too large for its location. If this is required on a regular basis, the long term solution may be to remove the tree and plant a more suitable species.

Crown Clean

The removal of dead or dying branches, ivy etc throughout the crown

Crown Thin

Tree canopies can sometimes become very dense with foliage. The thinning of the crown, by removing smaller and often crossing branches, will increase the amount of light throughout the crown which will help the tree to develop stronger stems. This work is sometimes carried out to increase light on to property or gardens without having to carry out more extensive work such as reduction.

Crown Lift

The removal of lower limbs which is often carried out for pedestrian and vehicle access, to increase light and to remove limbs near buildings.

Formative pruning

Pruning of a tree while it is still young helps to maintain a particular shape and reduce likelihood of future problems. This is often used on future timber trees and fruit trees.


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